Saturday, June 25, 2011


Night one the group sang on the Ocean City Board Walk, they sang their hearts out. There were tons of people mocking them and some that loved it and some that walked right by them. The part that spoke to my heart the most was that none of that mattered to them. We are called to spread the good news not make people accept us, or the message itself. I think that is the most important part for us to realize, our calling is simply telling others about Jesus. It is the Holy Spirits job to convict hearts and really change the heart. I was truly blown away by the amount of people who at least stopped to hear what this was all about. I can’t help but wonder how many seeds were planted in hearts that night.

The next concert was at St. James Park and the turn out was again phenomenal. There was some sort of health fair going on there and while waiting for the truck to arrive we were told to go tell people in the park about the concert and invite them over. I talked to these two older women who were sitting together. I basically in short said we are a youth choir from Richmond Virginia and we are going to be singing some gospel music in a little bit and one of them looked at me with a huge smile and said oh praise God that ya’ll are doing that! The lady introduced me to the pastor sitting beside her and said she wouldn’t miss it for the world. The park was full of people who had seemed to need something eternal. The crowd really showed up and the youth choir really did an amazing job.

The next place we went was Freedom Chapel. This church was quite different at first since it was out of our comfort zone and a little different style of preaching. We spent the day there and sang one song in the church service. We then went to Coney Island that afternoon to hang out and pass out flyers for the church’s rock the block that we would be involved in later that week. We came into contact with some very interesting people there. Then we went back to the church and spent the night there.

A LITTLE BACKGROUND ON TEENCHALLENGE: The church runs this thing called teen challenge which is a Christ-centered organization that offers aid and support to men, women and families suffering from life-controlling problems with drugs alcohol or crimes. They love them and give them free housing ! There are so many incredible testimonies that came from this organization. Jimmy Jack is one of them his friend Billy and him had enough money to buy four bags of heroine. They got it and Jimmy snorted one bag of it and injected the other three bags into Billy. Before the finished Billy was turning blue and not breathing on the streets. Jimmy says in Lower Manhattan they had no help he remembers crying out to God Please don’t let Billy die! As he looked at Billy’s lifeless body out of nowhere an ambulance van pulls up and the older man asks him what is going on here Jimmy quickly responds heroine overdose. The paramedics did everything in their power to revive him and eventually started to shake their heads like there were no other options left. Jimmy started crying out to God and bargaining with him and genuinely saying he would do whatever God wanted him to just don’t let billy die. He looked over at the van and Billy had the resurrection power flowing through him. He ripped the needles out of his arms and jumped out off the stretcher. He says he heard a voice in his spirit say ‘I showed you’ it immediately brought him back to the church service earlier that evening when the pastor prayed that God would show Jimmy he was real and that he did. During a drug deal his van was stolen and he found a screwdriver on the ground and was going to kill whoever stole his van if he found it but after not finding it he got the bus to take him to a gun slinging and knife throwing bar; after drinking lots he saw a guy glaring at him from down the bar and he went after him right at that time Georgio Degaldo saw him and went in after him. He told him about teen challenge and that is where he went. After many circumstances Jimmy gave his life to God..

Another shorter story: One of the guys from teen challenge was into drugs and alcohol and he had a rough life. His brother hung himself and his sister died in a car accident and two weeks ago tried to hang himself and was unsuccessful and now is completely in love with Jesus.

Monday we woke up and had about a five hour drive to Utica New York. They were going to perform a full show for the New Hartford United Methodist Church. The church was so very welcoming and had pizza ready for everyone to eat dinner. It turns out that a lot technically went wrong with soloist mics not working and some other things. However I can say one thing I think this was a break through point in the choir, I have never seen that many of them worshipping and actually legitimately meaning every word they were singing. It brought me to tears watching and listening to them and thinking that things won’t ever be perfect and that doesn’t matter we need to give God all we have in every circumstance. There was an absolute tangible presence of the Holy Spirit in that place and God was there.

Tuesday was a big day at rock the block. I had no idea what to expect. We get there and are completely ready and willing to help in anything and everything they ask us to do. Some help set up the stage some unload trucks of chairs and tables while others go out and pass out flyers and some helped in the kitchen, some head to china town! The group that stayed at the park unloaded all the chairs and sat them up three separate times since the guy didn’t know how he wanted them. We also were interacting with the many people there. Some played basketball with the kids, some jumped rope, some just simply talked to the people around the park. I took Heather to get some food from a nearby shop. We at first were fine walking by ourselves to get food. We get down about a block and a half away from the park and then these three guys walk by and look us up and down and one of the guys turned entirely around looking at us, slightly intimidating being two girls. So I in return asked heather do you have a phone with you, she says no! I said oh good me either. We quickly turn around and head back to the park to get a guy to come with us! Jerem was the elected one. We go to this little grocery store on the corner of the street and walk around there for a little looking for something for her to eat. Luckily we found some cereal bars and v8 juice and head back to the park. Later the youth go on stage and we sang their hearts out. They had dancers from teen challenge, they had a choir from the church and our youth choir. All of which were giving their all to God. AT the end they had an alter call and before that he explained evangelism to be one beggar telling another beggar where he found the bread. Really making it clear that none of us believers or not are better than the other and we are all trying to find something eternal and worth living for. There wasn’t a dry eye in the park, people were praying over others, and others crying out for something real that wouldn’t abandon them like their high. The spirit of God was definitely filling that place and slowly softening the many hardened hearts. We went in with the attitude to bless others and came out of the experience with a new perspective and being blessed ourselves.

On Wednesday we went to the empire state building and then had a short time to shop around. I went with my incredible counting group Emily, Rachel, Sarah, Shannon, Natalia and, Olivia and we had Chipotle for lunch. Then we headed to Effort United Methodist church and were supposed to do a full show. A few things went wrong with one of the buses and we were late and a lot of the kids didn’t get lunch. They did an incredible job singing. I know at one point in the show all the leaders on my row had tears streaming down their faces. Just seeing you all bless the LORD with your genuine worship and smiles beaming off your faces in love for what youre doing touches my heart. Then when we got finished with dinner and everything we had a short devo and tons of testimonies from what was going on in the lives of the youth. What God was revealing to them. Etc

I am so proud of the youth for worshipping with everything in them and truly showing the love of Christ to everyone around them. I am so excited for the friendships that have formed and fire that has been ignited in the souls of everyone!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Crazy life

So my family and I have been completely overwhelmed recently with my grandmother being sick. She has been in the hospital for 3 months and honestly last weekend was the toughest time yet her ammonia levels were extremely high and she was not responsive which led my family to be very prayerful and worried. Well God came through and her ammonia levels dropped incredible amounts from 90 to 32. It took a few days for her to become aware of what was going on around her and then she was ready to go! She is doing much better now and God is answering one prayer after another.

So apart from classes and being at the hospital I went to work and those kids happened to make everything seem okay. I often think I miss the little things in life and I was outside with all of the three and four- year- olds. One of the little boys as I pushed him on the swing looked up and says look at the tree Ms. Meaghann it is so pretty as the sun shines on it. Another little boy that afternoon came up to me telling me that "Jesus was changing the sky colors so we might need to go inside when it gets dark." They just take life for what it is and I wish I still thought like a child at times. As adults we want to have answers to everything and know how things work and it is not necessary all the time.. I just love when kids tend to bring to my attention the beauty in nature around us and it seems to make everything seem right in the world.

I will definitely have to update you more soon but I am exhausted!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Just reminiscing nine years ago 2819 people died from terrorist attacks. I remember this day all too well, I was sitting in Mr Shelton's Biology class and he turned the tv on because there was no better way to explain to us than to let us see. I just remember everyone was distraught and filled with tons of questions. I can't even imagine what I would do in a situation like that. It is even heartrending and gut-wrenching to see it replayed on tv today. I also remember going a year after the attacks to what was then ground zero with Micah and Kristy. Lining the sidewalks with memorials tons of pictures, notes to loved ones, paintings commemorating those who were lost, and we put a flag signed by the weag team out there. I also remember there was an incredible respect for those lost it was an eerie silence. I remember a cross standing in the middle of where the towers used to stand.My heart and prayers go out to those who are still dealing with the heart ache of loss of loved ones.

On a very VERY much lighter note I went to Jacob's soccer game today with Carmen Jenny Kyle and the kids! He is good and seems to love it!! I am proud of him. Then we went to Olive Garden for lunch, and it was delicious. I really am glad to have friends like them they are great!
Between classes work and youth stuff I have an extremely busy chaotic life right now and love every minute of it.I hope everything is great with yall!

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of calm and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control. 2 Tim 1:7 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Time to Catch up!!

So Friday I babysat for one of my favorite families at work! They are the best! Then took a fun trip with Nikki and Joni to Ikea on Saturday. I purchased a lamp that is gray and has white embroidered flowers on it, it is fun!

Also another task on my plate this week is I am painting my room a light bluish grayish color! Last night I met Allyson Cary up to go to her apartment to get a dresser I bought from her. We are carrying this thing down about three flights of stairs and trying multiple ways to fit it in my car. Well much to our dismay even though my seats in the jetta went down and everything it was still literally a centimeter or two too short.. ugh. We are just standing there trying to figure out what we could do instead of carry it back up the steps. Luckily there was a random guy and a girl up in the balcony watching up struggle and get irritated. He yelled down to us hey where are you guys taking that dresser. We took it to Allyson's house which happened to be about ten mins way and he was like I can help you I have a truck. We couldn't believe it!
We were so stoked to have this guy and girl help us so we didn't have to go through this again.. hahah!
On another note I might be going to a cycling class at the gym thursday... a little nervous but we will see how that goes.
I have nothing else for now. Hope you have a spectacular rest of your week!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I have been doing a lot of thinking recently about worship. I have a hard time remembering that worship is everything I do. All of my thoughts, actions, motives everything! I recently read a book that really opened my eyes called The Air I Breathe by Louie Giglio. I really like the way he was just blunt about certain aspects of worship. One quote that has stuck with me has been
" We have to think carefully about what we're saying...what we're singing. And who we're singing to. Sometimes we would be better off saying nothing than standing there and lying to the face of God. Our worship would honor Him more if we stopped singing and realigned our heart with His.".. what a powerful thought.

Something is going to grab your affection. Someone is going to captivate your heart and mind. One thing is going to rise to the surface of your values and drive your life, aiming your steps and determining your destiny. Do we have our future based on our desires? The perfect Christian relationship, the perfect job, perfect friends etc that will define our destiny? OR are we focusing and trusting and letting Christ be the center of our affection and captivate our hearts completely? Because when we choose to do things our way we are essentially telling the world and God that He is not good enough to lead our lives and meet our needs. Whatever you worship, you become obsessed with. Whatever you become obsessed with, you imitate. And whatever you imitate you become. Whatever you value most will ultimately determine who you are.

When our worship is small we have in a sense reduced God in our hearts and have clouded our vision and allowed our hearts to become distracted. The best thing about the God I serve is that Even though He is the God who holds galaxies in place with His power, He also invites us anytime to look up to Him and behold His greatness. He invites us to call Him by name and be His friend.
Ultimately true worship is a whole-life response to God's greatness and glory. A response that taps our mind, our soul, our heart of passion, and our strength.
I am going to leave you with another quote:
" If you don't like who you're becoming, take a quick inventory of things on the throne of your heart. If you want to be more and more like Jesus keep your worship focused squarely on Him."

After reading this man my worship stinks. I pray that we can all reset our focus solely on Christ and what He has done for us and respond accordingly.
Hope this encourages you as much as it encouraged me..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Choir Tour 2010

This past week has been great we went on choir tour with the youth to florida. It was a fun trip. I really loved hanging out with the kids and getting to know them better. I am so proud of them just when you think you barely have enough energy to push through the are all fired u with energy for the show. They are so great! There were tons of fun memories to come away with. A quick not detailed list is: Bus games. IPOD Kareoke. Near Death Experience getting to Busch Gardens with Rebekah driving :) . Black Widow pranks. Sam and Josh being shut in a walk in freezer. 101 questions. sample sentences for word of the day. story time on bus two. Just talking to kids and getting to know their life. Daytona Beach. Being on the NOT sauna bus. Rudy and Palmer. Sam Leper running into an automatic door and breaking it. I am sure there is more but thats all the came to mind right now.
Overall I got closer with a lot of the youth over this week, and for that I am greatful! They are a great group of kids.
Then Saturday night I got to hang out with Rebekah Sarah and Tims family. They had a fish fry for Timothy's boyscout ranking! It was great to just hang out the fish was delish. Then we watched princess diaries and took it easy.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Long Time No Update

Wow it has been awhile.. So a lot has been going on in my life this summer. I've been working full time and it is great! So awhile back I have had a lot of questions about what I am supposed to be doing with my life right now and it is kind of crazy the small ways that God can speak to you. I was driving and this car in front of me had a Bible verse for their license plate which was Proverbs 3:5-6 and it says: Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, seek HIS will in all that you do and he will show you which path to take. then right next to that car was a car with a license plate with a verse John 15:5 that says I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing. Oh hey Jesus thanks for that reminder that I really need to seek you not only in all that I do but especially in this time of my life. It just blows my mind the little ways that Jesus speaks to us.
On a lighter note, I took a day off work and Nikki, Rebekah,and I went to water country for the day! It was so fun! Might I add it is a season pass woo woo!
Friday night I went to my friend Jenny from work her son Jacob's baseball game. They were in the tournament and they won. They moved on to the "world series" they placed second so I am very proud of him.
Then Saturday night I went to comchap with Renee and Wags spoke on Jonah. It was such a great much needed sermon for me. I need to realize the baby steps matter. Sometimes I forget that. I also need to remember the power God holds. I think growing up in church it is often easy to skim through certain aspects of Christianity and not even give it much thought and God's power is definitely one of the things I need to remind myself of.